Quiz 5

Quiz 5

This is a 40 question quiz on All XML.
other information: open book; open note

1) XML stands for:

2) XSL stands for:

3) What does the 'T' stand for in XSLT?

4) What is JQuery?

5) True or false: a pattern can be set in a dtd file?

6) DTD stands for:

7) Regarding CDATA and PCDATA:

8) XSD stands for:

9) Which of the following is NOT an XSD data type

10) A string is:

11) XSD Patterns use:

12) UTF-8 is:

13) SAX stands for:

14) DOM stands for:

15) Netscape uses capturing order, what does Microsoft use?

16) True or false: JQuery is open source?

17) xsl:for-each

18) xsl:value-of uses which attribute?

19) xsl:sort defaults to sorting elements in which order?

20) CSS stands for:

21) In an XSL document the root element is matched with which character?

22) How do you declare a variable in javascript?

23) AJAX stands for:

24) XPath expressions look like:

25) URL stands for:

26) SOAP stands for:

27) SVG stands for:

28) AJAX enables the programmer to:

29) Who made AJAX popular in 2005?

30) HTML stands for:

31) XQuery is:

32) The rectangular area affected by the display property can be specified in:

33) True or false: an XML document can only have one root element?

34) True or false: UTF-8 is backwards compatible with ASCII?

35) True or false: AJAX requires JQuery?

36) True or false: javascript was influenced by the C programming language?

37) True or false: XHTML requires embedded XML to work correctly?

38) True or false: java is the same as javascript.

39) When elements overlap, how is the one on top determined?

40) True or false: browser support for XSL-FO is still in the future?

Quiz 5

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